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The Dangers of Tap Water - The Health Wyze Report


Sep 4, 2009 ... Prescription medications have also been found in the tap water of 41,000,000 American homes. According to the Associated Press, there is a ...

Tap Water Contaminants: The Dirty Truth Exposed | Live in the Now


The fluoride found in tap water has actually been shown to damage tooth enamel . It also can increase fracture risk, as well as suppress immune and thyroid ...

12 Toxins in Your Drinking Water - Global Healing Center


May 3, 2016 ... Discover 12 toxins in water that can negatively impact your health. ... they're still present in landfills and pose a danger to the environment. ... If poor-quality tap water is a problem for you, I recommend investing in a quality ...

Toxic Tap Water: Top 7 Reasons To Get A Home Water Filtration ...


Jul 23, 2014 ... Weeks later, many residents still chose not to use their tap water for drinking. The dangers of water in our home should be taken very seriously.

Safe Drinking Water: Tap Water, Bottled Water, & Water Filters


How much do you know about your drinking water quality? ... and cramping, a lack of coordination, and an increased risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

The Dangers of Tap Water and How to Protect Yourself | Natural ...


Aug 14, 2012 ... he dangers of tap water have been well documented throughout the past several decades of scientific research and information.

Do I Need to Drink Filtered Water or Is the Tap Okay? - Lifehacker


Jun 25, 2013 ... When you don't like the way tap water tastes, but do enjoy filtered water in a bottle, you might think to turn to a filtration device. While it'll cut out ...

Tap water - Wikipedia


Tap water is water supplied to a tap (valve). Its uses include drinking, washing, cooking, and ... Specific chemical compounds are often taken out of tap water during the treatment process to adjust...

Q&A: Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water? | Shape Magazine


Is your tap water safe? Do you need a water filter? For answers, SHAPE turned to Dr. Kathleen McCarty , assistant professor at Yale University's School of Public ...

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A: Dec 12, 2014 ... Distilled or purified RO water is not expensive if you are worried about this rare brain-eating amoeba Naegleria ... Read More »
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