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Daniel is the hero of the Book of Daniel. A noble Jewish youth of Jerusalem, he is taken into .... Daniel is not a prophet in Judaism: prophecy is reckoned to have ended with Haggai, Zechariah, and ...

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Who was Daniel the prophet? What can we learn about his personal life and the prophecies God revealed to him about the end times ahead of us now?

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Oct 14, 2012 ... Daniel is considered a major prophet by Biblical scholars and the reason why he is of such importance is because there is a great deal of ...

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Jan 1, 2008 ... In spite of being properly classified as a prophet, Daniel was in the main a governmental servant and a faithful historian of God's dealings with ...

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How old was Daniel when he was taken captive? ... concerning the end time King of the North and South - the Bible's longest prophecy (chapter 10 - 12). Daniel ...

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Daniel knew the importance of remaining pure and undefiled, even in a culture that was saturated ... The Book of Daniel - Prophecy Regarding the End Times ...

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The Book of the Prophet Daniel is the only apocalyptic book of the Old Testament and contains the prophecy of the Son of Man, a Messianic figure fulfilled in ...

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The name is taken from its leading character, Daniel, which means "God is my Judge. ... (3) To give a prophecy or vision of all times from the day of Daniel to the  ...

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5th of 17 books of Prophecy. (Isaiah - Malachi). • 5th and last of 5 major prophets. (Isaiah-Daniel). • 39 Books to follow it. CHAPTERS: 12. VERSES: 357.

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Oct 29, 2016 ... Everyone knows Daniel was thrown into a lions' den. ... give him any trouble if their sons are off in Babylon—kind of like high-profile hostages.