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LARRY LEROY HENLEY ET AL. v. ... (Daniel I. Sherry and Thomas P. Smith, Co. ... Henley v. Prince George's County, 60 Md.App. 24 , 479 A.2d 1375 (1984). .... Housing Opportunities Comm'n, 304 Md. 705 , 501 A.2d 35 (1985). ... employees of Jones with authority to assign additional duties to other employees of Jones, ...


Docket Number: 1:2014cv03662. Kelly v. Montgomery County Office of Child Support Enforcement ..... Daniel v. National Casualty Insurance Company et al. Date: September 25, 2015 .... al v. Housing Authority of Prince George's County et al


Jan 3, 2012 ... Johns Hopkins Health Systems Corporation et al. No. 02721/10 4 Aces ... Carlisa Kent vs. Prince George's County, MD. et al. ... 02689/10 Daniel Marshall vs. State of ... 02554/10 Housing Authority of Baltimore City vs. Antonio ...


Abate v. Russoli Temps, 659-BR-90. Abbott et al. v. Westinghouse Electric Corporation, 1458-BH-91. Abraham v. Prince George's County Public Schools, 487-BH-85. Adams v. Cambridge Wire ... et al. v. Housing Authority of Baltimore, 1030-BR-83 .... Daniels v. Primary Alcoholism Treatment Program, 301-BH-85. Danish v.


May 1, 2017 ... 00113/16 Flora Lipitz et al. vs. William A. Hurwitz. No. ... 00767/16 Prince George's County Maryland et al. vs. ... 00652/16 Housing Authority for Baltimore City vs. Lamar Lynch et al. No. ... O'Neal Inc. vs. Daniel C. Homan et al.


The Housing Authority and the Redevelopment Authority are quasi-governmental agencies, whereas the Department of Housing and Community Development ...


The Prince George's County Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Housing Authority of Prince George's County present the ...


DRM has filed a federal law suit against the Housing Authority of Prince George's County (HAPGC) alleging violations of the Rehabilitation Act, Fair Housing Act ...


Jan 27, 2010 ... MARYLAND, et al. v. KEITH LONGTIN ... Longtin was then incarcerated in the Prince George's County Detention Center. Eight months ..... Court of Appeals had not decided Williams v. State, 375 ..... State housing authority laws, the Court of Appeals noted: “It would not be a reasonable ..... Daniel Realty Co.,.