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Earliest Easter[edit]. Western/Gregorian. In 1818 the Paschal Full Moon fell on Saturday March ... Consequently, Easter was the following Sunday (April 25).

Easter Sunday Dates 1700 - 2299


11th April 1700 1st April 1725 29th March 1750 16th April 1775 27th March 1701 21st April 1726 11th April 1751 7th April 1776 16th April 1702 13th April 1727 ...

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Here are tables of Easter Sunday dates from 1990 to 2049. Below the list is an ... 4 April 1999, 12 April 2009, 21 April 2019, 1 April 2029, 10 April 2039, 18 April 2049. ORTHODOX ... When did Easter last occur on the same date? These are ...

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The last two columns give the number of occurrences during a Gregorian Easter ... Date, Gregorian Easter Sundays from AD 1583 to AD 3000, Frequency .... 10 April, 1583, 1594, 1605, 1667, 1678, 1689, 1735, 1746, 1757, 1803, 1814, 1887,  ...

Easter Dates 1901 - 2078


The followong list of easter dates and other public holidays were taken from the ... Year, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension Day, Whitsunday .... End If If OT = 25 And OM = 4 And d = 28 And e = 6 And a > 10 Then OT = 18 End If ... OM= Month of the Easter Sunday: OT= Day of the Easter Sunday in this month.

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Learn why the date of Easter changes every year, and why the holiday can fall ... Have you ever wondered why Easter Sunday can fall anywhere between March 22 ... And why do Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate Easter on a different day  ...

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The date of Easter Sunday, a so-called movable feast day in the Christian Church ... (A lunar year is 12 lunar cycles of 29.53 days each or 354.36 days while a Julian ... However, each church group present at Nicea seemed to have a different ... as commonly stated, was that Easter shall fall on the first Sunday following the ...

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However, this day can be reckoned in different ways. ... But since this shifts from year to year, most people follow the calendrical spring equinox, which is reckoned as March 21. ... Easter thus always falls between March 22 and April 25 . ... To find Ash Wednesday, you start with the date of Easter Sunday, back up six weeks ...

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