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Ephemeris, orbital decay, and masses of ten eclipsing high-mass X ...


May 18, 2015 ... 1976; Bhattacharya & van den Heuvel 1991; Lutovinov et al. .... the value was obtained excluding the mid-eclipse times derived from the Uhuru and Ariel light curves (Cominsky & Moraes 1991; Davison et al. ..... Comparison between the calculated and measured values of vrotsin i. .... (2006), Lefever et al.



Mar 11, 2010 ... v. PETER LEFEVRE, Law Revision. Counsel; UNITED STATES OF. AMERICA ... for Law and Justice et al. as Amici Curiae in Support of the.

The aging musculoskeletal system and obesity-related ... - NCBI


Mar 15, 2012 ... Advancing age (Combaret et al., 2009) and obesity (Vincent et al., 2007; Vincent .... to sarcopenia, especially in severe obesity (Davison et al., 2002), higher perceived ... Aerobic and resistance exercise programs vs. control groups ...... Matton L, Wijndaele K, Deriemaeker P, Lefevre J, Philippaerts R, et al.

Fractionation of Transcription Factors for RNA Polymerase I1 from ...


Mar 5, 2016 ... forming a preinitiation complex (Davison et al., 1983; Safer et al., 1985 ... Lefevre, 1981; Voelker et al., 1985, for example), we sought to prepare .... 1 per- act- c 1. H4-. H3-. 2. P11 gradient fraction 6 r"". FT. 0.1 3 . 6 v. 2. 3. 4. 5.

mnras, 398, 2152, 2009 - Swift


These supergiant fast X-ray transients (SFXTs) (Sguera et al. 2005;. Negueruela et al. .... where v∞ is the terminal wind velocity, ROB is the radius of the supergiant, 0.9983 is .... where ρwind(r) is the density of the wind (Davidson & Ostriker. 1973). ..... (2008) and values labelled with (†) are taken from Lefever et al. (2007)...

Van Geel et al 2014 - ResearchGate


Aug 27, 2014 ... for AMF species, (iv) reproducibility and (v) ability to accurately describe AMF communities. .... been combined with NS31 (Davison et al., 2012). ... the most crucial region for primer extension (Lefever et al., 2013). For. Table 1.

Nuclear Physics A | Vol 583, Pgs 3-920, (6 February 1995 ...


Study of pre-scission evaporation forKr +Al at 10.6 MeV/u using 3π-phoswich ... J. Davidson, M. Davidson, D. De Acuña, D.R. Napoli, J. Rico, D. Bazzacco, .... W. Kühn, A. Kugler, P. Lautridou, F. Lefèvre, H. Löhner, A. Marín, M. Marqués, .... A Foti, S Harar, G Lanzanó, R Legrain, V Lips, C Mazur, E Norbeck, H Oeschler, et al.

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(Brown et al 2001; Goldman et al 1998; LeFever et al ... Davidson 1998), and consequently most research has .... between consuming water versus sucrose.

Swift/XRT monitoring of the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient IGR ...


Sep 28, 2009 ... K.L. Page5, J.A. Kennea4, D.N. Burrows4, N. Gehrels6, V. Sguera7, A. Bazzano7 ... model for blue supergiants developed by Ducci et al.

CDC - NBP - Biomonitoring Summaries - Acetochlor


Dec 4, 2013 ... Ashby J, Kier L, Wilson AG, Green T, Lefevre PA, Tinwell H, et al. Evaluation of the potential ... Davison KL, Larsen GL, Feil VJ. Comparative ...

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Davidson, K., et al. The influence of the balance of inorganic and ...


grazing (Davidson et al. 2005). ... importance of DON in natural systems (e.g., Bronk et al. 1998). ..... abundance versus the logarithm of bacterial abundance.

Are global warming and ocean acidification conspiring against ...


Cite as: Lefevre S (2016) Are global warming and ocean acidification conspiring against marine ... 2008; Steinhausen et al., 2008; Munday et al., 2012), at a rate.

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The SP basin is ~4 km deep [Schenk et al., 2015] including a load of 3-10 km of dense ... tectonic features[Moore et al., 2016], the thickness of the putative ocean is ... strength [Davison et al., 2010; Potter et al., 2012]. ..... temperature, in Osinski, G.R., and Kring, D.A., eds., Large Meteorite Impacts and Planetary Evolution V:.