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Excessive daytime sleepiness


Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is characterized by persistent sleepiness and often a general lack of energy, even during the day after apparently adequate ...

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In addition to feeling drowsy during the day, people with narcolepsy often have disturbed sleep at night, which compounds the problem of daytime sleepiness.

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Excessive daytime sleepiness (without a known cause) may be a sign of a sleep ... First, determine whether your drowsiness is due to depression, anxiety, ...

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Excessive daytime sleepiness: A neurological disorder in which there is a sudden recurrent uncontrollable compulsion to sleep. Excessive daytime sleepiness is ...

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The problem of daytime sleepiness usually starts at night. Use this checklist of ways to improve nighttime sleep and avoid daytime sleepiness.

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Oct 9, 2014 ... Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is characterized as a chronic feeling of overwhelming daytime fatigue. Sufferers of EDS experience a ...

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Many sleep disorders manifest with insomnia and usually excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS). Insomnia is difficulty falling or staying asleep, early awakening , ...

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Mar 1, 2009 ... Excessive daytime sleepiness is one of the most common sleep-related patient symptoms, and it affects an estimated 20 percent of the ...

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Aug 1, 2001 ... The complaint of excessive daytime sleepiness, commonly encountered in neurological practice, may arise from a variety of disorders. The list ...

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Idiopathic hypersomnia (unexplained daytime sleepiness). Share: ... ' Hypersomnia' means excessive sleep or sleepiness that interferes with everyday life.

Narcolepsy is a disorder of the nervous system. It causes drowsiness and sleep attacks. It’s also known as daytime sleep disorder and cataplexy. The Center for Narcolepsy (CN) at Stanford University School of Medicine reports that one in every 2,000 Americans has narcolepsy. Most people with narcolepsy are undiagnosed and untreated. Narcolepsy isn’t a deadly... More »
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Remedy for Daytime Sleepiness
Daytime sleepiness is an annoying daily disturbance that interferes with daily activities, resulting in fatigue, poor decision-making and in severe cases, accidents. Fortunately, there are quick remedies to help produce temporary alertness throughout the... More »
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