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Nov 25, 2014 ... I never imagined myself dating someone who had a child from a ... My boyfriend has a three-year-old little girl from an ex-girlfriend of five years.


The relationship your boyfriend has with his kids will last forever, and you should expect nothing less. However, issues may arise with the mother of your ...


My boyfriend already has three children. I have none. Should I continue dating him? I'm 26 years old. I can't seem to accept the fact he's already experienced ...


Apr 9, 2014 ... There was no way I'd ever get involved with a man who had that kind of baggage. ... if I made his single dad status a deal-breaker before I got to know him. ... When you watch your boyfriend interacting with his kids, you see ...


Aug 12, 2016 ... Can you handle sharing his attention and time with his children? ... You'll also want to know if he has a co-parenting plan with his ex that .... very tense to me , my boyfriend when he comes to work he first greet his child then me ...


You're dating a man and he has children. These days it's becoming ... But how do you deal with this situation when you don't have any children of your own?


Tips: When your partner has kids from a previous relationship ... In this article, we look at some of the difficulties you may face and how best to deal with them.


Hi, my boyfriend of 9 months has a child from a previous relationship. At first I thought it was great he had a child because I have one too, which ...


Sep 17, 2013 ... I asked him point blank if he had any kids. He lied to my face. Now he wants to get engaged.


My boyfriend has been married once before and has a son. He tells me he ... My parents got divorced when I was little and they both remarried pretty quickly after  ...