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Extracellular Recording of Light Responses from Optic Nerve Fibers ...


Oct 15, 2015 ... Steven C. Nesbit,<sup>1</sup> Alexander G. Van Hoof,<sup>1</sup> Chi C. Le,<sup>2</sup> and James R. Dearworth, Jr.<sup>1</sup> .... Prieto-Sagredo and Fanjul-Moles, 2001; Valdés-Fuentes et al., 2011). ... Technical Corporation, Kings Park, NY) with bifurcated fiber optic cables . ..... for several visually responsive optic nerve fibers versus one caudal ...

Fiber optic micro sensor for the measurement of tendon forces - NCBI


Oct 3, 2012 ... A fiber optic sensor developed for the measurement of tendon forces was .... In [9] Komi et. al. demonstrated that in reduced rabbit preparations, the fiber optic ... rate, and cable migration all influenced the accuracy of the optical sensor. ... One of the simplest yet effective methods for constructing a fiber optic ...

Evaluation of a Buried Cable Roadside Animal Detection System


Jun 18, 2015 ... Currently, one of the most effective existing methods to reduce AVCs is ... Animal detection system, buried cable detection system, deer- ... Smart Road fiber optic network was established to allow operation and monitoring of the system ... speed limits (Defenders of Wildlife, 2014; Huijser et al., 2008; Huijser .....

Lab - The Gemscientist


Because I was at one time contemplating writing a book on gem instruments I have an ... 1. Zeiss Stemi V-8 w/photoport and Gem Pro. darkfield base & selection of oculars. 2. ... Various fiber optic cables and probes. POLARISCOPES . 1. Eickhorst M3 Polariscope. 2. ... Rock Forming Minerals Vols 1-9 -Deer, Howie et al. 4.

Enhancing the Perceived Threat of Vehicle Approach to Deer


relative to vehicle approach: 1) starting distance of the approach, 2) lighting treatment, 3) season, and 4) deer group size. Deer exposed to the .... white-tailed deer (Neitz and Jacobs 1989, Jacobs et al. 1994). ... (Cleveland, OH) sealed- beam TH (Type 2B1; 13-V; 65-W) ... to a 2-m-long, 400-lm-diameter fiber optic cable, to a.

Terahertz Range Weak Reflection Optical Fiber Structures for ... - IEEE


Oct 1, 2016 ... Dear Eta Kappa Nu Members and Friends, .... modify the optical fiber by introducing weak reflection structures with .... by the DAQ can be expressed as: (. ) 1. 0. 2 cos. M. AC ref ref m m v r I .... Chung, et al., “Fiber Bragg grating sensors for structural ..... cable from the robotic muscle spindle is fixed directly t...

Evaluation of an Animal Warning System ... - California PATH


v. LIST OF DIAGRAMS. Diagram 1: A Diagram of fiber optic roadside LAN layout. Diagram 2: A Diagram of .... few years in the United States (Huijser et al. 2003).

Dear Ian - University of Leicester

www2.le.ac.uk/departments/engineering/people/academic-staff/john-fothergill/JCF CV 25-1.docx

Fellow since 2005 “for contributions to reliability methodology in the aging ..... Jones, N.B., de Bono, D., and Fothergill, J.C.: SERC: Fibre-optic radiation ... Fothergill, J.C. et al, co-ordinator of the EU Framework 5 grant on “Benefits of ..... IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, v 13, August, 2006, p 903-9...

The Speed Of Light - Cherryland Electric Co-Op


Sep 6, 2016 ... Specifically, we are talking about fiber optic broadband. ..... Fiber optic cable service in our part of the world the great. ..... Dear Mr. Anderson ... that need to be addressed are [1] metered vs unlimited service and [2] pricing. .... (COLI, Speedconnect, Elevate… et al, with some wisps being better than others…

Processing with kW fibre lasers - Advantages and limits (PDF ...


Department of Forming and High Power Laser Technology, Vienna ... In 1985 these optical cables were introduced to the market by the former ... to substitute a faulty laser with another one, by simply changing the fibre optic cable from one laser to .... fibre lasers de Lange et al.13 mention that even with 600µm processing ...