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An example scale showing power ratios x and amplitude ratios √x and dB equivalents 10 log10 x. It is easier to grasp and compare 2- or 3-digit numbers than to compare up to 10 digits. The deci...

Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart - Galen Carol Audio


Decibel (Loudness) Comparison Chart. Here are some interesting numbers, collected from a variety of sources, that help one to understand the volume levels of ...

What is a decibel, and how is it measured? | HowStuffWorks


The decibel scale measures sound based on human hearing, which makes it one of the most unusual scientific measurements.

Sound and Noise - Characteristics of Sound and the Decibel Scale


Loudness and the Decibel Scale. Another property of sound or noise is its loudness. A loud noise usually has a larger pressure variation and a weak one has ...

Dangerous Decibels » How Loud is Too Loud?


Decibel Exposure Time Guidelines. Exposure Time Guidelines. Accepted standards for recommended permissible exposure time for continuous time weighted ...

The Decibel Scale: What Is a Decibel (dB)? Noise and Sound Units


A readable explanation of the decibel scale (dB scale), including dBA and dBC. Also phons and sones, noise units for measuring loudness.

How decibel sound level meters work - Explain that Stuff


Jun 10, 2016 ... You have to think about the decibel scale very carefully, because it's a logarithmic scale and it works in a different way to the scale on a ruler, ...

acoustics - Why is the decibel scale logarithmic? - Physics Stack ...


Mar 10, 2011 ... Logarithmic scales--whether for audio intensities, Earthquake energies, ... Therefore, the decibel scale is not just useful for calculating 3 dB ...

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Jan 17, 2013 ... Decibel Scale | Mechanical waves and sound | Physics | Khan Academy - Duration: 10:30. khanacademymedicine 48,609 views. 10:30.
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dB: What is a decibel? - Physclips.


graph of dB scale. Definition and examples; Sound files to show the size of a decibel; Standard reference levels ("absolute" sound level); Logarithmic response, ...

Decibels - HyperPhysics


The decibel scale is a reflection of the logarithmic response of the human ear to ... The sound intensity in decibels above the standard threshold of hearing is ...

Decibel Scale | Sound | Khan Academy


We often use this logarithmic scale to describe the intensity of sound.