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Autocomplete definition, a feature of a word processor, email program, web browser, etc., that automatically predicts the remaining characters in a word or ...

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Computer dictionary definition for what autocomplete means including related links, information, and terms.

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Definition of: autocomplete. autocomplete. A feature in many applications that offers to complete a word or address that is only partially typed in. In word ...

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A software function that completes words or strings without the user n.... Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content.

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Verb. (third-person singular simple present autocompletes, present participle autocompleting, simple past and past participle autocompleted). (computing) To ...

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autofill - Computer Definition. A Web browser feature or plug-in that automatically inserts user data such as name, address and credit card number into the fields ...

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To make it easier to create and edit formulas and minimize typing and syntax errors, use Formula AutoComplete. After you type an = (equal sign) and beginning ...

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A function, as on a search engine, that supplies one or more options of predicted words or phrases beginning with the characters that a user has already entered ...

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Beyond Autocomplete: Automatic Function Definition. Kyle I. Murray and Jeffrey P . Bigham. Department of Computer Science. University of Rochester. Rochester ...

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Similarly, getting used to the one-word autocomplete using tab takes a minute- but just like many programs that keep your hands on the keyboard (such as ...

Autocomplete, or word completion, is a feature in which an application predicts the rest of a word a user is typing. In graphical user interfaces, users can typically  ... More »
a feature of a word processor, email program, web browser, etc., that automatically predicts the remaining characters in a word or phrase based on what has been typed or input before: If you supply the information, your browser will be able to use autocomplete to fill out online forms.
to complete (a sequence of characters), as in a name, address, or password, or fill in (a form or document): The virtual keyboard on my mobile phone amazingly autocompletes most of what I want to type! Filling out forms is so much easier when the computer autocompletes them for you.
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