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Beta decay definition, a radioactive process in which a beta particle is emitted from the nucleus of an atom, raising the atomic number of the atom by one if the ...

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1. Beta Decay Definition. 2. Why Does Radioactive Decay Occur? 3. 10 Interesting Facts About Atoms. 4. Make an Atom Model. 5. How to Calculate Atomic Mass.

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Define beta decay. beta decay synonyms, beta decay pronunciation, beta decay translation, English dictionary definition of beta decay. n. Radioactive decay in ...

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Aug 9, 2000 ... Beta particles are electrons or positrons (electrons with positive electric charge, or antielectrons). Beta decay occurs when, in a nucleus with too ...

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Sep 28, 2006 ... Beta decay, any of three processes of radioactive disintegration by which some unstable atomic nuclei spontaneously dissipate excess energy ...

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a radioactive nuclear transformation governed by the weak force in which a nucleon (as a neutron) changes into a nucleon (as a proton) of the other type with  ...

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Beta decay results in the emission of an electron and antineutrino, or a positron ... During beta-minus decay, a neutron in an atom's nucleus turns into a proton, ...

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Beta Decay Definition. Back to Top. Beta decay is the phenomenon of emission of an electron from a radioactive nucleus is called beta decay. Beta decay is a ...

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What is Beta Decay? Back to Top. When a radioactive nucleus disintegrates by emitting a beta-particle, the atomic number decreases by one and the mass ...

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Definition of beta decay: The tendency of a stock with a high beta coefficient to become less volatile. Beta is a measure of the volatility of a stock's...

beta decay
a radioactive process in which a beta particle is emitted from the nucleus of an atom, raising the atomic number of the atom by one if the particle is negatively charged, lowering it by one if positively charged.
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In nuclear physics, beta decay is a type of radioactive decay in which a beta ray, and a respective neutrino are emitted from an atomic nucleus. By beta decay ... More »
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