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Evolutionist definition, a person who believes in or supports a theory of evolution, especially in biology. See more.

Evolutionism | Define Evolutionism at Dictionary.com


Evolutionism definition, a person who believes in or supports a theory of evolution, especially in biology. See more.

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Top Definition. evolutionist. One who argues that evolution is the correct theory of origins for life on earth (instead of creationism or Intelligent Design). The word ...

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Medical definition of evolutionist: a student of or adherent to a theory of evolution

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biology : a theory that the differences between modern plants and animals are because of changes that happened by a natural process over a very long time.

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An evolutionist is someone who believes that all organic life evolves from generation to generation through a process called natural selection. Evolutionist  ...

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May 13, 2015 ... Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection isn't an idea with holes . It's one of the most solid theories in science. But what exactly ...

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Jan 22, 1993 ... A definition of evolution that is acceptable to evolutionists. All too often creationists spend their time arguing with a straw-man caricature of ...

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ev·o·lu·tion·ism n. 1. A theory of biological evolution, especially that formulated by Charles Darwin. 2. Advocacy of or belief in biological evolution.

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INTRODUCTION. When we try to explain evolution to those who do not know much about it, one of the problems we have is the definition of what counts as ...

[ev-uh-loo-shuh-nist or, esp. British, ee-vuh-]
a person who believes in or supports a theory of evolution, especially in biology.
a person who supports a policy of gradual growth or development rather than sudden change or expansion.
of or relating to evolution or evolutionists.
believing in or supporting a theory of evolution, especially in biology.
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Evolutionism was a common 19th century belief that organisms inherently improve themselves through progressive inherited change over time, and increase in ... More »
evolutionist | Define evolutionist at Dictionary.com
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