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The color amber is a pure chroma color, located on the color wheel midway between the colors ... In the past, the ECE amber definition was more restrictive than the SAE definition, but the current E...

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without discoloration, defect, or blemish: a clear complexion; a clear pane of glass. 4. of a pure, even color: a clear yellow. 5. easily seen; sharply defined: a clear ...

Counterfactual: If white is the 'absence of color' then how do you ...


First, clear isn't a color; second, white is not the absence of color. The air between you and your .... The light from what is below is reflected through said object, giving you transparency. And white is all colors of light put together, so all colors.

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Value is defined as the relative lightness or darkness of a color. It is an ... yellow: This definition of primaries mixes to clear colors across the entire spectrum.

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I'm building a new website, and I'm looking for a transparant ... There is not a Transparent color code, but there is an Opacity styling. Check out ...

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how to make transparent elements with css: CSS for IE: filter: alpha(opacity = 52); . CSS for other browsers: opacity:0.52; ...

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Let's say you have the spiderwebbing swirls in your clear coat. ..... What is the color temperature that makes the road most clear during driving, even under ...

Transparent and Opaque Colors: How We Perceive Them - Artist's ...


Feb 4, 2011 ... Transparent colors will allow a light source to pass through them. ... White is opaque and reflective—it hides what is below it and bounces light ...

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Set the background-color of different elements: body { ... Definition and Usage ... transparent, Specifies that the background color should be transparent. This is ...

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Oct 31, 2013 ... Urine may have a variety of colors. It usually ranges from a deep amber or honey to a light straw color, with many golden variations in between.

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Is clear considered a color? | Reference.com


Clear, or transparent, isn't considered a color. It is a ... The color of a physical object depends on the light that is reflected, absorbed or ... What is color intensity ?

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Define clear. clear synonyms, clear pronunciation, clear translation, English dictionary definition of clear. adj. clear·er ... 4. of a pure, even color: a clear yellow .

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An easy-to-understand explanation of what is meant by a paint color being transparent, from the About.com Art Glossary.