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Jul 19, 2013 ... Reproductive Success (RS) is defined in many ways in different places by different people, but one of the most common definitions is simply the ...

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Approximated by the individual's lifetime reproductive success, this measure became the keyword of studies linking social and cultural behavior to biological ...

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Psychology Definition of REPRODUCTIVE SUCCESS: Passing genes to a new generation so that the new generation may also produce offspring to pass those ...

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Oct 20, 2016 ... Organisms that are successful in their environments will be more likely to be ... Retrieved from "http://biology-forums.com/definitions/index.php/ ...

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individual's lifetime reproductive success, this measure became the keyword of studies linking ... and most existing studies are based on this definition.

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The unequal reproductive success of offspring is the difference between those ... recessive disease, meaning both parents need to have a copy of the mutated ...

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time reproductive success instead of estimat- ing it. The first task for researchers using this method is to define the age to which offspring survival is measured.

Lifetime reproductive success is maximized with optimal major ...


However, what counts ultimately is the lifetime reproductive success (LRS). Here, we .... 9.2.2 (Scanalytics, Inc.) delimitating a defined area of the red throat.

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variance in male reproductive success in terms of the variance in ... fertility; and ( 3) to illustrate that relative parental investment as defined by Trivers is not an ...

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a natural process that results in the survival and reproductive success of individuals or groups best adjusted to their environment and that leads to the ...

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Reproductive success is defined as the passing of genes onto the next generation in a way that they too can pass on those genes. This is not solely the number ... More »
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Jul 26, 2004 ... Genes / Proteins | Definitions | Models | Developmental Models | General Concepts | Contribute/Corrections ... reproductive success. Definition: ...

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Habitat quality drives birds' reproductive success ... A more correct definition, which incorporates inclusive fitness, is the relative production of fertile offspring by ...

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May 31, 2015 ... A brief definition of the evolution term differential reproductive success.