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Decomposition is the process by which organic substances are broken down into much simpler ... from biotic decomposition (biodegradation). The former means " degradation of a substance by chemic...

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to cause something (such as dead plants and the bodies of dead animals) to be slowly destroyed and broken down by natural processes, chemicals, etc.

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Decomposition definition, the act or process of decomposing. See more.

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de·com·po·si·tion n. 1. The act or result of decomposing; disintegration. 2. a. Chemistry Separation into constituents by chemical reaction. b. Biology Breakdown ...

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Definition of decomposition: Conversion or decay of degradable (or chemically unstable) material to simpler (or more stable) components or forms by the natural  ...

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Noun, 1. decomposition reaction - (chemistry) separation of a substance into two or more substances that may differ from each other and from the original ...

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decomposition. de·com·po·si·tion. Use decomposition in a sentence. noun. The act or result of decomposing; disintegration. a. Chemistry Separation into ...

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Decomposition is the process of decaying or rotting. If you've ever left a carved pumpkin on the porch into late November, you have seen and smelled ...

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Chemical reactions are classified into several different categories. In this lesson, you will learn about decomposition reactions so you can...

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6 days ago ... decompose definition, meaning, what is decompose: to decay, or to cause something to decay: . Learn more.

the act or process of decomposing.
the state of being decomposed; decay.
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decomposition | Define decomposition at Dictionary.com
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