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Diffusion is the net movement of molecules or atoms from a region of high concentration (or ...... Teorell formula for multicomponent diffusion[edit]. The Teorell formula with combination of Onsager...

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Diffusion definition, act of diffusing; state of being diffused. See more.

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Define diffusion: the action of diffusing : the state of being diffused — diffusion in a sentence.

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Sep 24, 2016 ... Diffusion. Home » Diffusion. Definition. noun. The passive movement ... Diffusion pertains to the spontaneous net movement of particles down ...

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Diffusion is the act of dispersing something, spreading it out from a central point. When an idea catches on, that's a type of diffusion.

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Diffusion is the action of molecules moving from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration. It is caused by kinetic energy....

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Diffusion is the process in which molecules move from a higher ... Where does diffusion take place in the lungs? ... What is the definition of actual yield? Q: ...

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Oct 8, 2016 ... This is the diffusion definition in chemistry, along with examples of diffusion of different materials.

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In the process of diffusion of a single solute, a concentration of molecules on one side of a membrane (top) will move through a membrane (center) until there is ...

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Diffusion is defined as the process or state of something spreading more widely. When cultural ideas spread from one group to another, this is an example of ...

act of diffusing; state of being diffused.
prolixity of speech or writing; discursiveness.
Movies. a soft-focus effect resulting from placing a gelatin or silk plate in front of a studio light or a camera lens, or through the use of diffusion filters.
Meteorology. the spreading of atmospheric constituents or properties by turbulent motion as well as molecular motion of the air.
Anthropology, Sociology. the transmission of elements or features of one culture to another.
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