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Preferred Stock
A class of ownership in a corporation that has a higher claim on the assets and earnings than common stock. Preferred stock generally has a dividend that must be paid out before dividends to common stockholders and the shares usually do not have voti... More »

Preferred stock


Preferred stock (also called preferred shares, preference shares or simply preferreds) .... Occasionally companies use preferred shares as means of preventing ...

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A class of ownership in a corporation that has a higher claim on its assets and earnings than common stock. Preferred shares generally have a dividend that ...

What is the difference between preferred stock and common stock?


Preferred and common stocks are different in two key aspects. ... the fact that the dividends are typically guaranteed, meaning that if the company does miss one, ...

Preferred stocks are like common stocks , in that they are traded through brokerage firms, and the price of each share rises and falls depending on the perceived value of the company. For one thing, companies get a tax write-off on the dividend income of preferred stoc... More »
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What is preferred stock? definition and meaning


Definition of preferred stock: Class of stock (shares) that pays fixed and regular interest income, instead of a dividend (whose payment and amount depends on ...

Preferred stock financial definition of Preferred stock

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A security that shows ownership in a corporation and gives the holder a claim, prior to the claim of common stockholders, on earnings and also generally on ...

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Definition of preferred stock: Capital stock which provides a specific dividend that is paid before any dividends are paid to common stock holders, and...

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Definition: Preferred stock is a class of equity ownership that has a more senior claim on the earnings and assets of a business than common stock. In the event ...

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Many preferred stocks are cumulative, meaning if they do defer their dividends, they must make up all missed preferred dividends before any dividend can be ...

Definition of Preferred Stock
Preferred stock is an investment in a company from which fixed interest payments are paid. These investments are unlike regular (common) stock in such ways as dividend payments, voting rights and price. Preferred stock is also influenced by different... More »
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Q: Definition of Convertible Preferred Stock.
A: Preferred stock has traits that are similar to corporate bonds and traditional common stock. Like a corporate bond, preferred stock provides a steady return to ... Read More »
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Q: preferred stock definition of preferred stock what does preferred...
A: Preferred Stock definition : A security that shows ownership in a corporation and gives the holder a claim, prior to the claim of common stockholders, on earnin... Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of Preferred Stock?
A: Stock shares that have preferential rights to dividends or to amounts distributable on liquidation, or to both, ahead of adjectives shareholders. Read More »
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Q: Definition of High Grade Preferred Stock.
A: "Preferred stock" is a type of investment class that differs significantly from common stock. While, like common stock, preferred stock represents ownership of ... Read More »
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Q: What is financial definition of Preferred Stock?
A: Stock in a publicly-traded company without voting rights, but otherwise with more rights than common shares. Preferred stocks receive dividends before common sh... Read More »
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