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An acquired characteristic is a non-heritable change in a function or structure of a living biotic material caused after birth by disease, injury, accident, deliberate modification, variation, repea...

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Etymology: L, acquirere, to obtain + trahere, to draw. a physical characteristic that is not inherited but may be an effect of the environment or of a somatic ...

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A distinguishing feature, as of a person's character. See Synonyms at quality. 2. A morphological, physiological, or behavioral feature of an organism. 3. Archaic ...

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An acquired trait is a physical characteristic of an organism that is not passed down to offspring genetically. ... medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com. Ads ...

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Definition: An acquired trait is defined as a characteristic or trait that produces a phenotype that is a result of an environmental influence. Acquired traits are not ...

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Just imagine you have received a call from a lawyer. He calls you into his office and you find out that a long lost and very wealthy great great uncle has suddenly  ...

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b : to come to have as a new or added characteristic, trait, or ability (as by sustained effort or natural selection) <acquire fluency in French> <bacteria that acquire ...

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gotten through environmental forces; "acquired characteristics (such as a suntan or a broken nose) cannot be passed on" ...