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1. An organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. A business can be a for-profit entity, such as a publicly-traded corporation, or a non-profit organization engaged in business activities, such as... More »
Definition of Business Finance
The field of business finance involves acquisition of company capital, management of company resources, and monitoring and reporting of financial results.... More »
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Finance is a field that deals with the study of investments. It includes the dynamics of assets and liabilities over time under conditions of different degrees of uncertainty and risk. Finance can also be defined as the science of money management. .... Corporate finance also includes within its scope business valuation, stock ...


Business finance is a term that encompasses a wide range of activities and disciplines revolving around the management of money and other valuable assets.


Apr 4, 2008 ... Meaning of Business Finance Business Finance is that business activity which is concerned with the acquisition and conservation of capital ...


Definition of business finance. Money lent by a bank or other financial organization to a business for a particular purpose, and the lending of money in this way.


A company or other organization engaged in commerce. A business sells goods and/or services to clients. For example, a widget maker selling widgets to ...


Apr 25, 2016 ... It is required to purchase assets, goods, raw materials and for the other flow of economic activities. Business finance can be defined as “The ...


Corporate finance involves managing assets, liabilities, revenues and debt for a business. Personal finance defines all financial decisions and activities of an ...


The act of providing funds for business activities, making purchases or investing. Financial institutions and banks are in the business of financing as they provide capital to businesses, consumers and investors to help them ... Video Definition.