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Chemiosmosis is the movement of ions across a semipermeable membrane, down their ... Diffusion force caused by a concentration gradient - all particles tend to diffuse from higher .... Mitchell defi...

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Define chemiosmotic: relating to or being a theory that seeks to explain the ... intermediates by postulating the formation of an energy gradient of hydrogen ions  ...

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Mitochondria are said to exercise respiratory control as long as they can restrict electron transport by means of the gradient. If the gradient is destroyed by ...

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Jun 23, 2009 ... Chemiosmosis is described as one of the mechanisms by which ATP is ... The proton gradient drives the protons (hydrogen ions) to move down ...

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Chemiosmosis definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with ... by oxidative phosphorylation generates a proton gradient across the membrane of the ...

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Chemiosmotic gradient is what drives the electron transport chain in photosynthesis and cellular respiration. It allows ADP and phosphate to form into ATP.

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Looking for online definition of Chemiosmotic model in the Medical Dictionary? ... a strong electrochemical gradient is established across the inner membrane.

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Chemiosmosis involves the pumping of proto. ... After the gradient is established, protons diffuse down the gradient through a transport protein called ATP ...

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However, chemiosmosis also takes into consideration the concentration gradient. The molecule flows based on where there is more of its charge to where there ...

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Chemiosmosis is the process by which chemical ions move from an area of high ... Which type of transport is the transport of materials along a concentration gradient from high to low concentrations? ... How is an indicator defined in chemistry?

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Chemiosmotic gradients are the differences in ionic concentration across a semi- permeable membrane.

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Jun 23, 2009 ... More specifically, chemiosmosis is the diffusion of hydrogen ions ... The proton gradient forms when the hydrogen ions accumulate as they are ...

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Jun 23, 2009 ... As the proton gradient becomes sufficiently intense the hydrogen ions ... This began to favor the chemiosmotic hypothesis, and in 1978, Peter ...