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Cozy mysteries, also referred to as "cozies", are a subgenre of crime fiction in which sex and violence are downplayed or treated humorously, and the crime and ... More »


Definition of a Cozy Mystery. Imagine your terror at finding out that Jessica Fletcher was moving from Cabot Cove to your neighborhood! Would you stay up at ...


Jul 22, 2014 ... The cozy mystery (sometimes simply called a cozy) is a subgenre of crime fiction that gives readers a chance to delight in vicariously solving a ...


Jan 5, 2012 ... Terrie Farley Moran considers the definition of a cozy mystery.


Feb 4, 2016 ... In the crime and mystery category there's also a sub-genre that downplays sex and violence; they're called “Cozy Mysteries.” The term was first ...


Anyone jump in with ideas...Wakar gave a website on a different thread that gives a great definition of what a cozy mystery is http://www.cozy-mystery.com/.


A cozy is a mystery which includes a bloodless crime and generally contains very little violence, sex, or coarse language. By the end of the story, the criminal is ...


For discussion purposes, we'll divide the genre into six loose categories: 1) private detective stories, 2) legal thrillers, 3) cozy mysteries, 4) police procedurals , ...


Sep 7, 2012 ... Cozy mysteries, also known as traditional mysteries, are a genre characterized by rural settings, amateur sleuths, milder language, and ...


Feb 10, 2015 ... I think cozy mysteries can best be defined by the word used to describe them. They are cozy and everything that word conjures in your mind.