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A crowd is a large group of people that are gathered or considered together. The term "the crowd" may sometimes refer to the lower orders of people in general ...

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Crowd definition, a large number of persons gathered closely together; throng: a crowd of angry people. See more.

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intransitive verb. 1 a : to press on : hurry b : to press close <the players crowded around the coach>. 2 : to collect in numbers ...

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a large number of people gathered together in a disorgani... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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crowd definition, meaning, what is crowd: a large group of people who have come together: . Learn more.

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A large number of persons gathered together; a throng. 2. The common people; the populace. 3. A group of people united by a common characteristic, as age, ...

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Top Definition. crowd. 1. n. Numerous people. 2. n. A clique or birds of a feather. ... That crowd (1) is crowding (5) my doorway because they're all crowding (3).

Collective Behavior: Crowd Types, Mobs & Riots - Video & Lesson ...


Types of Mass Behavior: Definitions & Examples. Crowd Behavior: Contagion, Convergence & Emergent Norm Theory. Mass Hysteria & Moral Panic: Definitions ...

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Define crowd in on and get synonyms. What is crowd in on? crowd in on meaning , pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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crowd. A lot of people or things in a large group make up a crowd. The masses of performers with painted faces, big shoes, and squeaky noses filling up the ...

a large number of persons gathered closely together; throng: a crowd of angry people.
any large number of persons.
any group or set of persons with something in common: The restaurant attracts a theater crowd.
audience; attendance: Opening night drew a good crowd.
the common people; the masses: He feels superior to the crowd.
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