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Diabetes mellitus


Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in .... A number of lifestyle factors are known to be important to the development of type 2 DM, including ...

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Diabetes mellitus: More commonly referred to as "diabetes" -- a chronic disease associated with abnormally high levels of the sugar glucose in the blood.

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Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood ... If you have diabetes, no matter what type, it means you have too much ...

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Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the pancreas no longer produces enough insulin or cells stop responding to the insulin that is produced, so that glucose ...

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Diabetes mellitus definition, any of several disorders characterized by increased urine production. See more.

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Definition of Diabetes and Prediabetes; Classification of Diabetes; Diagnostic ... Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by the presence of ...

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Definition, Diagnosis and Classification of Diabetes Mellitus and its. Complications. since then more information relevant to the diagnosis of diabetes has ...

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Diabetes mellitus (sometimes called "sugar diabetes") is a condition that occurs when the body can't use glucose (a type of sugar) normally.

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The word diabetes was first recorded in 1425, and in 1675, the Greek mellitus, “ like honey,” was added, to reflect the sweet smell and taste of the patient's urine.

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Diabetes mellitus (or diabetes) is a chronic, lifelong condition that affects your body's ability to use the energy found in food. There are three major types of ...

Type 2 Diabetes Overview
Type 2 diabetes is a common chronic metabolic disease that leads to abnormally high levels of blood sugar in the blood. This blood sugar is also referred to as glucose. More »
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DEFINITION AND DESCRIPTION OF DIABETES MELLITUS. Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from ...

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a variable disorder of carbohydrate metabolism caused by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors and usually characterized by inadequate ...

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DEFINITION AND DESCRIPTION OF DIABETES MELLITUS—. Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from ...