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feeling or showing extreme unhappiness or pain. : not having enough money : experiencing financial trouble. —used to describe something (such as a piece of  ...

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Distress definition, great pain, anxiety, or sorrow; acute physical or mental suffering; affliction; trouble. See more.

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Suffering distress: the distressed parents of wayward youths. 2. a. Economically blighted; impoverished: distressed communities. b. At risk of being foreclosed ...

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You feel worn out and pulled in different directions — which rings true to the word's origin: the Latin word districtus, meaning "drawn apart." Being distressed ...

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tr.v. dis·tressed, dis·tress·ing, dis·tress·es. 1. To cause strain, anxiety, or suffering to. See Synonyms at trouble. 2. To mar or otherwise treat (an object or fabric, for ...

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See the word stress hanging out at the end of distress? There's a good reason for that. The noun distress refers to a state of severe anxiety or strain, often ...

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distress meaning, definition, what is distress: a feeling of extreme worry, sadness, or pain: . Learn more.

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Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English reference content. ... 1Extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain: to his distress he saw that she was  ...

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distressed definition, meaning, what is distressed: upset or worried: . Learn more.

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Distressed securities are financial instruments in a company that is near or is currently going through bankruptcy. This usually results from a company's inability ...

affected with or suffering from distress.
(of merchandise or property for sale) damaged, out-of-date, or used.
(of real estate) foreclosed and offered for sale.
(of furniture) purposely blemished or marred so as to give an antique appearance.
(of fabric) made or processed to appear faded or wrinkled, as if from long, steady use: Our best-selling jeans are the ones in distressed denim.
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distressed | Define distressed at Dictionary.com
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