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In finance and economics, divestment or divestiture is the reduction of some kind of asset for ... Often the term is used as a means to grow financially in which a company sells off a business unit ...

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Divestitures are a way for a company to manage its portfolio of assets. As companies grow they may find they are trying to focus on too many lines of business, ...

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Definition of divestiture: Selling of, or otherwise disposal of, a firm's assets to achieve a desired objective, such as greater liquidity or reduced debt burden.

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Definition of divestiture: Disposition or sale of an asset by a company. A company will often divest an asset which is not performing well, which is not...

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A divestiture or divestment is the reduction of an asset or business through sale, liquidation, exchange, closure, or any other means for financial or ethical ...

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One divestiture strategy involves the sale of the subsidiary or business line to another company. ... By selling the business or its assets, the parent can obtain capital to use to acquire another ... What Is the Meaning of Situational Ethics?

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Define divestiture. divestiture synonyms, divestiture pronunciation, divestiture ... Asset divestitures and corporate operational returns: an agency theory ...

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Divesting Definition - Divesting is the process of selling an asset. It is done for either financial or social goals. Divesting is the opposite of...

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The benefits of this approach are twofold: Divested assets usually fetch .... legal, and HR—some services in perpetuity and some for defined transition periods.

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It could be your wine portfolio, your stake in a mining company, or even the extra coats that are taking up space in your closet. Whatever it is, when you divest ...

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The process of selling an asset. Also known as divestiture, it is made for either financial or social goals. Divestment is the opposite of investment.

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Define divestiture: finance : the act of selling stock, property, etc., because of a ... 2 : the sale of an asset (as a business division) that is unprofitable, does not ...

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Corporate divestiture is a strategy to remove some of a group's assets under its current business portfolio. Depending on the purpose of restructuring, ...