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Definition of Epilepsy
Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes recurrent seizures. Seizures, as a symptom of the condition called epilepsy, occur when there is a sudden electrical misfiring of neurons or nerve cells in the epileptic's brain. These misfires cause convulsions... More »
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At least two unprovoked (or reflex) seizures occurring greater than 24 hours apart ; One unprovoked (or reflex) seizure and a ...

A Revised Definition of Epilepsy | Epilepsy Foundation


Apr 15, 2014 ... Therefore, the ILAE commissioned a second task force to develop a practical ( operational) definition of epilepsy, designed for use by doctors ...

Overview - Epilepsy - Mayo Clinic


Nov 22, 2014 ... Epilepsy is a central nervous system disorder (neurological disorder) in which nerve cell activity in the brain becomes disrupted, causing ...

Have you found a word while reading that you don't know the definition of? Look no further! Definitions to the common words you may encounter in epilepsy are here. More »

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a disorder of the nervous system, characterized either by mild, episodic loss of attention or sleepiness (petit mal) or by severe convulsions with loss of ...

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Epilepsy (seizure disorder): When nerve cells in the brain fire electrical impulses at a rate of up to four times higher than normal, this causes a sort of electrical ...

ILAE Definition of Epilepsy 2014


Definition of Epilepsy 2014. This important document marks a new era for the League, as we can truly say that this set of definitions was a work of our community ...

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Jan 3, 2014 ... This revised definition of epilepsy brings the term in concor- dance with ... operational definition of epilepsy for purposes of clinical diagnosis.

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medical : a disorder of the nervous system that can cause people to suddenly become unconscious and to have violent, uncontrolled movements of the body.

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Q: What is the definition of epilepsy.
A: Adisorder of the central nervous system characterized by loss of consciousness and Read More »
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Q: What's the definition of epilepsy?
A: epilepsy: a disorder of the central nervous system characterized by loss of consciousness and convulsions Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of epilepsy?
A: CARL W. BAZIL, MD, PhD: The definition of epilepsy is very simple. A person who has two or more unprovoked seizures has epilepsy. By "unprovoked" I mean the sei... Read More »
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Q: What is definition of epilepsy?
A: Epilepsy is a group of long-term neurological disorders characterized by epileptic seizures.These seizures are episodes which vary from brief and nearly undetec... Read More »
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Q: What is the definition of epilepsy
A: Epilepsy: most common neurological condition in UK. 1/130 has it. Causes form 3 groups:symptomatic, idyopathic, cryptogenic. All have different seizures. Read More »
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