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equilibrium price
the price at which the quantity of a product offered is equal to the quantity of the product in demand.
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In economics, economic equilibrium is a state where economic forces such as supply and ... Market equilibrium in this case refers to a condition where a market price is ... However, the concept of equilibrium in economics also applies to imperfectly competitive markets, where it takes the form of a Nash equilibrium.


Equilibrium price definition, the price at which the quantity of a product offered is equal to the quantity of the product in demand. See more.


The equilibrium price is where the supply of goods matches demand. ... University that giving equilibrium markets what he described as a 'normative meaning' or ...


This is the point of economic equilibrium, which also represents the equilibrium quantity and equilibrium price of a good or service. Since the intersection occurs  ...


Definition of equilibrium price: Open market price at which the quantity of a product supplied matches the quantity demanded.


Economic equilibrium may also be defined as the point where supply equals ... a product – the equilibrium price is where the hypothetical supply and demand ...


Definition of market equilibrium: A situation in which the supply of an item is exactly ... Since there is neither surplus nor shortage in the market, price tends to  ...


Definition: Equilibrium price is the price where the demand for a product or a service is equal to the supply of the product or service. At equilibrium, both ...