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Inventory Management
The overseeing and controlling of the ordering, storage and use of components that a company will use in the production of the items it will sell as well as the overseeing and controlling of quantities of finished products for sale. A business's... More »


The scope of inventory management concerns the balance between replenishment lead time, carrying costs of inventory, asset ...


Companies can save significant amounts of money and reduce waste by using a JIT inventory management system. JIT means that manufacturers and retailers ...


Inventory management is the supervision of non-capitalized assets (inventory) and stock items.


Definition of inventory management: Activities employed in maintaining the optimum number or amount of each inventory item. The objective of inventory ...



The definition of Inventory Management is easy to understand. Simply put, inventory management is all about having the right inventory at the right quantity,  ...


Definition: Inventory management refers mainly to when a firm strives to attain and uphold an optimal inventory of goods while also taking note of all orders, ...


Every organization tries to maintain optimum inventory to be able to meet its requirements and avoid over or under inventory that can impact the financial ...


Inventory management involves keeping track of a company's stocked goods.