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without regard to something else, especially something specified; ignoring or discounting (usually followed by of): Irrespective of my wishes, I should go.
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irrespective | Define irrespective at Dictionary.com
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Irrespective | Define Irrespective at Dictionary.com


Irrespective definition, without regard to something else, especially something specified; ignoring or discounting (usually followed by of): Irrespective of my ...

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Define irrespective: lacking in respect : disrespectful — irrespective in a sentence .

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irrespective of (preposition) without taking account of; regardless of. adv. informal regardless; without due consideration: he carried on with his plan irrespective.

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irrespective definition, meaning, what is irrespective: without considering; not needing to allow for: . Learn more.

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The adverb irrespective means regardless or in spite, and it is almost always followed by the word "of." Irrespective of your desire to stay inside on a bitterly cold ...

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not taking (something) into account; regardless of: Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

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The definition of irrespective is regardless or not taking into account. If you are going to do something regardless of whether you receive permission, this is an ...

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irrespective of | If you say that something happens or should happen irrespective of a particular thing, you mean that it is not affected or should not be.