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Land use involves the management and modification of natural environment or wilderness into built environment such as settlements and semi-natural habitats ...


Definition of Land Use – Our online dictionary has Land Use information from Environmental Science: In Context dictionary. Encyclopedia.com: English ...


The framework of a national land use and land cover classification system is presented for use with remote sensor data. The classification system has been ...


Definition of land use planning: The process by which lands are evaluated and assessed to become a basis for decisions involving land disposition and ...


Land Use Zoning: Definition, Codes & Types. Downtown, the Central Business District: Land Use Issues in the U.S. & Abroad. City Land Use: Economy, Social ...


Jul 6, 2005 ... Land use is based on the functional dimension of land for different human purposes or economic activities.


A landuse classification is a classification providing information on land cover, and the types of human activity involved in land use.


This resource helps local officials and the public understand the terms that are commonly used in the process of making local land use and planning decisions.


Zoning is a system the public regulation of the use of land. State legislatures hold the power to authorize zoning, within which the separate cities enact their own ...