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A mental breakdown is an acute, time-limited mental disorder that manifests ... Although "nervous breakdown" is not rigorously defined, surveys of laypersons suggest that the term refers to a specific acute time-limited ...


Feb 14, 2017 ... Nervous (or mental) breakdown is a term used to describe a period of ... one agreed upon definition for what constitutes a nervous breakdown.


The term "nervous breakdown" is sometimes used by people to describe a stressful situation in which they're temporarily unable to function normally in ...


Mar 8, 2017 ... I'm having a nervous breakdown. You may utter this (or at least think it) when you' re overwrought and ready to snap. But what is a nervous ...


If you're experiencing these signs of a nervous breakdown, you might be ready to snap. Here's how to protect yourself to avoid a nervous breakdown.


Sep 2, 2017 ... The signs and symptoms of your nervous breakdown are an indication that you' ve reached your limit. You may feel like you're falling apart, but I ...


Nervous breakdown definition, (not in technical use) any disabling mental disorder requiring treatment. See more.


Nervous breakdown definition: If someone has a nervous breakdown , they become extremely depressed and cannot cope with... | Meaning, pronunciation ...


Define nervous breakdown: an attack of mental or emotional disorder especially when of sufficient severity to… — nervous breakdown in a sentence.