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An invasive species is a plant, fungus, or animal species that is not native to a specific location (an introduced species), and which has a tendency to spread to a ... More »

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An introduced, alien, exotic, non-indigenous, or non-native species, or simply an introduction, .... According to a practical definition, an invasive species is one that has been introduced and beco...

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Dec 1, 2007 ... Non-native species are species that have been introduced into new ... Introduction is defined by Krueger and May (1991) as the transfer by ...

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Definition of terms. Non-native species. The term 'non-native species' is used throughout this website and is the equivalent of 'alien species' as used by the ...

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Nonnative definition, of or relating to a language that is not the first language acquired by a person: It is harder to communicate in your nonnative language.

Nonnative Species


More than 500 fish and wildlife nonnative species, also known as exotic species, have been observed in Florida. Not all nonnative species present a threat to ...

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Define nonnative. nonnative synonyms, nonnative pronunciation, nonnative translation ... Joan Walley, chair of the committee, said more nonnative species were ...

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Note: From the Presidential Executive Order 13112 (February 1999): 'An invasive species is defined as a species that is 1) non-native (or alien) to the ecosystem ...

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Yet, second only to habitat loss, the introduction of non-native or ?exotic? species is a major threat to biodiversity. These species are often invasive creatures ...

Defining the Impact of Non-Native Species


Questions that help define the impact of non-native species, ...