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Pace, also called rhythm or tempo, is the rate of activity or movement, such as in running or the flow of events in an entertainment piece.


Define pace: the speed at which someone or something moves — pace in a sentence.


Pace definition, a rate of movement, especially in stepping, walking, etc.: to walk at a brisk pace of five miles an hour. See more.


a single step taken when walking or running, speed in wal... Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.


pace definition, meaning, what is pace: the speed at which someone or something moves, or with which something happens or…. Learn more.


Dec 21, 2014 ... I read the word 'pace' from a word-builder vocabulary book and says it comes from a Latin root and has the meaning of 'contrary to the opinion ...


Define pace yourself (phrase) and get synonyms. What is pace yourself (phrase) ? pace yourself (phrase) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan ...


A unit of length equal to 30 inches (0.76 meter). 3. The distance spanned by a step or stride, especially: a. The modern version of the Roman pace, measuring ...


Pace comes from the Latin word passus, meaning “a step.” Pace is a noun, meaning "the speed at which something happens." Some say city life has a faster  ...


pace (plural paces). (obsolete) Passage .... Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. ... From Latin pace, “in peace”, ablative form of pax, “peace”.