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Respiratory rate
The respiratory rate (RR), also known as the respiration rate, ventilation rate, ventilatory rate, ventilation frequency (Vf), respiration frequency (Rf), pulmonary ... More »

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Respiratory rate: The number of breaths per minute or, more formally, the number of movements indicative of inspiration and expiration per unit time. In practice ...

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Pulse rate. Respiration rate (rate of breathing). Blood pressure (Blood ... Hypothermia is defined as a drop in body temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit.
Definition: A respiratory stimulant is primarily used in addition to noninvasive ventilation as a means to help increase the urge to breathe. It works by stimulating the central nervous system, resulting in an increase in respiratory rate and tidal volume, which is the... More »
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Looking for online definition of respiratory rate in the Medical Dictionary? respiratory rate explanation free. What is respiratory rate? Meaning of respiratory rate ...

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This act of normal breathing has a relatively constant rate and inspiratory volume ... Definition. Normal ventilation is an automatic, seemingly effortless inspiratory ...

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Mar 12, 2015 ... Let's begin by talking about the normal range of respiratory rate for adults and children, how to accurately measure this rate, and what it means ...

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There is substantial evidence that an abnormal respiratory rate is a predictor of ... medical emergency teams, the definition of an “abnormal” respiratory rate for ...

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Definition. Respiratory rate (also known as ventilation rate, respiration rate, breathing rate, pulmonary ventilation rate, breathing frequency, and respiratory ...

respiratory rate | Define respiratory rate at rate
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Q: What is medical definition of Respiratory rate?
A: pertaining to respiration. See also pulmonary. acute respiratory disease of turkeys see turkey coryza. acute respiratory distress syndrome a noncardiogenic pulm... Read More »
Q: What is the definition of respiratory system?
A: It is the system that is related with breathing , it includes lungs trachea larynx and nasal cavities . Read More »
Q: What Is a Respiratory Minute Volume Rate in Scuba Diving RMV Rate...
A: of breathing gas that a diver consumes in one minute on the surface. RMV Rate are expressed in either cubic feet per a minute (imperial) or liters per a minute ... Read More »
Q: How to Measure and Record Respiratory Rate
A: Observe the injured person's stomach or chest and watch until you see it rise and fall. Count the number of times the stomach or chest rises for 15 seconds and ... Read More »
Q: What is respiratory breath rate?
A: About 16-20 breathes per minute. Read More »