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A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question that is asked to make a point ... It is intended to mean The Romans have never done anything for us!. When Shakespeare's Mark Antony exclaims: Here was a Caesar! when ...


Rhetorical question definition, a question asked solely to produce an effect or to make an assertion and not to elicit a reply, as “What is so rare as a day in June?


Rhetorical Questions That Have No Answers. What is the meaning of life? Why do we go on? What's the matter with kids today? There's no hope, is there?


Definition, Usage and a list of Rhetorical Question Examples in common speech and literature. A rhetorical question is asked just for effect or to lay emphasis on ...


Define rhetorical question: a question not intended to require an answer.


Question asked that is asked for effect and not usually designed for an answer. Usually encourages the person or people being asked the question to reflect ...


When something is rhetorical that means it is made for style or effect, likewise a rhetorical question is a question that is asked for mere effect, rather than a ...


is a popular rhetorical question that means, "I don't know how you can face yourself after the way you have been acting" or "You are acting like such a hypocrite.".


Definition and a list of examples of rhetorical question. A rhetorical question is asked not to get an answer, but instead to emphasize a point.