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Technology in Star Trek - Wikipedia


In the Star Trek fictional universe, subspace is a feature of space-time ... to the Alcubierre Drive, but obeys different laws of physics.

Subspace Physics - Jason W. Hinson


SUBSPACE PHYSICS. One day I found myself wondering about how one might conceivably explain the Star Trek technology which allows subspace fields to ...

Subspace Physics, version 2.0 - Jason W. Hinson


To analyze the conservation of energy and momentum involved with subspace fields, we will look at two examples. In each ...

spacetime - Is subspace a "real" theory? - Physics Stack Exchange


Jan 7, 2014 ... ... reference what particular meaning of subspace that you are thinking ... consider that subspace is a science fiction term and it's off topic here ...

quantum mechanics - Confusion about Fock subspace - Physics ...


Aug 1, 2015 ... On the next page he talks about finite-particle subspace (of the .... the so called " finite-particle space" which is ... by definition ... a subset of the ...

Ex Astris Scientia - Warp Propulsion - 3 Subspace


Jun 27, 2016 ... 3 Subspace (Draft). The Physics and Technology of Warp Propulsion ... There is no canon definition of what subspace actually is. But there are ...

Ex Astris Scientia - The Physics and Technology of Warp Propulsion


Jun 22, 2016 ... The Physics and Technology of Warp Propulsion ... 1.1 Classical Physics Newton's ... Preliminary remark, Definition, Subspace vs. hyperspace.



Obviously, there is more to gravity than what our Physics books currently say ..... Element 114 Flerovium contains 114 protons, by definition, and the number, 114  ...

I still don't quite get the idea of subspaces, span, and range ...


Now, I know span is like mapping, but I don't have a precise definition nor explanation for it...Is it like mapping a spanning set to a set of column ...