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Formal balance


Formal balance, also called symmetrical balance, is a concept of aesthetic composition involving equal weight and importance on both sides of a composition.

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In this lesson we will discuss symmetrical balance and how it is represented in art , architecture, and other imagery. Visual aids are included to...

Principles of Design


Symmetrical balance can be described as having equal "weight" on equal sides ... This means that it is necessary to discuss proportion in terms of the context or ...

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Definition of symmetrical balance with German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish translations and search. Pronunciation sound files.

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Symmetrical balance is achieved when items are actually repeated or mirrored along a central axis. This type of balance is frequently seen in nature, our own ...

Elements and Principles of Design-Balance


symmetrical balance Symmetrical, or formal balance, is also known as bilateral symmetry. It is created by repeating the reverse of a design on the opposite side ...

Symmetrical Balance - How to Use It in Graphic Design


Centering creates symmetrical balance - # | A | B | C | D | E. These layouts with ... symmetrical balance. | Layout & Design | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:.

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Definition: (noun) - As a basic principle of art (specifically of design), the definition of ... Balance can be symmetrical ("formal"), where elements are given equal ...

Balance in photography an important composition techniques


Learn why balance in photography will impact your images. ... Symmetry and balance in photography is more important than you think when composition images.

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Things that have symmetry are balanced, with each side reflecting the other. A human body has such complex symmetry, from eyes, ears, and nostrils to arms, ...

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Symmetrical definition, characterized by or exhibiting symmetry; well- proportioned, as a body or whole; regular in ... 1. balanced, orderly, regular, congruent.

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There are two systems for achieving balance: symmetry and asymmetry. The word symmetry comes from the Greek roots syn, meaning with or together, and ...

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