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Define follower: one in the service of another : retainer; one that follows the opinions or teachings of another — follower in a sentence.


Follower definition, a person or thing that follows. See more.


Top Definition. follower. Usually this person will do anything to impress people, as pathetic as that is. Often, these follower types will target one or two people to ...


Definition of follower - a person who supports and admires a particular person or set of ideas, a person who moves or travels behind someone or something.


The definition of a follower is someone who agrees with the beliefs of others, or listens to the lead or commands of another. An example of a follower is a devout  ...


A follower is a person who believes in a particular cause, faith, or specific person. A follower of Hinduism, for example, usually worships many gods.


a. One who accepts the guidance, command, or leadership of another: a follower of Gandhi. b. One who has a strong interest or pays close attention to ...


follower definition, meaning, what is follower: someone who has a great interest in something: . Learn more.


Define follower (noun) and get synonyms. What is follower (noun)? follower ( noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.