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a mass of stone or metal that has reached the earth from outer space; a fallen meteoroid.
a meteoroid.


For the fictional superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, see Meteorite (comics) . .... About 8% of the meteorites that fall on Earth are achondrites (meaning they ...

What Are an Asteroid, a Meteor and a Meteorite | Define Asteroid ...

Feb 15, 2013 ... The terms asteroid, meteor, meteorite and meteoroid get tossed ... There's no universally accepted, hard-and-fast definition (based on size or ...

Meteorite | Definition of meteorite by Merriam-Webster

a piece of rock or metal that has fallen to the ground from outer space : a meteor that reaches the surface of the Earth without burning up entirely. 22 charming ...
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Meteorite - definition of meteorite by The Free Dictionary

A stony or metallic mass of matter that has fallen to the earth's surface from outer space. me′te·or·it′ic (-ə-rĭt′ĭk), me′te·or·it′i·cal adj. American Heritage® ...

meteorite - definition of meteorite in English from the Oxford dictionary

A piece of rock or metal that has fallen to the earth's surface from outer space as a meteor. Over 90 per cent of meteorites are of rock while the remainder consist ...

meteorite - Dictionary Definition :

A meteorite is a rock that falls to earth after a brilliant meteor has passed through the earth's atmosphere. If you've ever seen a shooting star at night, you can call ...

Meteorite | NASA

Oct 9, 2014 ... A small black meteorite lies in the snow while a man dressed in black ... The small rock in this picture is a meteorite that was picked up from the ...

meteor vs. meteorite vs. meteoroid – The Correct Way to Use Each ...

VS. Meteorite. Definition: A piece of stone or metallic object that remains from a meteor and has landed on the surface of the Earth. Examples: The meteorite ...

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Q: What is the definition for meteorite?
A: An extraterrestrial rock that has landed on Earth's surface. Read More »
Q: What is the scientific definition for meteorite?
A: Meteorite:1:stony or metallic object that is the remains of a Read More »
Q: What is the definition of meteoritic?
A: Meteoritic:1:of or relating to or caused by Read More »
Q: What's the definition of meteoritic?
A: meteoritic: of or relating to or caused by meteorites Read More »
Q: What is the definition of Meteoroids Meteors and Meteorites?
A: Meteoroids refer to rocks (down to sand grain sizes) adrift in space. A meteor is a meteoroid that has entered an atmosphere. For a brief second or so there is ... Read More »