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Democratic Party vs Republican Party redirects here. ... Stance on Gay Marriage, Support (some Democrats disagree), Oppose (some Republicans disagree).

What are the basic differences between Democrats and Republicans


The USA has a two party democratic government.The two parties are the Republicans and the ... One of the differences between democrats and republicans lies in their views towards social issues. The Republicans tend ..... What are the ideologies of the Republican party vs. the Democratic party of the US? What is the main ...

Democratic Party vs Republican Party - Political Parties Comparison


Compare Political Parties: Democratic Party vs Republican Party. ... Carry views favorable to business, a strong national defense, and the business community.

Republican Views & Beliefs On The Issues That Matter


The Republican and Democratic Party have always held different beliefs on various issues, as it should be in a democracy. However, the divide between these ...

Trump's America vs. Hillary's America: The most shocking contrasts ...


Oct 14, 2015 ... Everyone on the right agreed that the Democratic debate last night was dull ... the Democrats held a lively debate about ideas and exchanged views on ... at hand ( something that happened frequently in the GOP debates), nor ...

Republicans and Democrats differ in their views of major institutions ...


Sep 26, 2016 ... Republicans' views of the news media have grown more negative over the ... likely than Democrats to say they have a positive effect (73% vs.

Republicans v. Democrats


Republicans, Democrats. seek to restrict and limit social welfare spending, favor expansive social welfare programs. pro-life -- supports government restrictions ...

Major Difference of Opinions Between Democrats & Republicans ...


... Republicans. Democrats and Republicans vie for control of Congress and the presidency. .... The Green Energy Views of Democrats Vs. Republicans.

Republicans, Democrats Differ on What Is Morally Acceptable | Gallup


May 24, 2006 ... Republicans and Democrats differ most significantly in their views of ... and wearing clothing made of animal fur (75% for Republicans vs.

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Jul 10, 2012 ... ... and American Republican values and beliefs, focuses on the how Democrats and Republicans segment society. ..... Democratic vs.
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In order to understand the fundamental differences and beliefs of each party, we must look at the histories of Democrats and Republicans to understand their ...

10 huge differences between Democratic and Republican platforms ...


Jul 28, 2016 ... The Democrats' statement of principles encompassed many of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders' views, giving him a victory even as he lost the ...

Differences Between Democrats and Republicans | Republican Views


Apr 7, 2013 ... The Republican and Democratic Party have always held different beliefs on various issues, as it should be in a democracy. However, the divide ...