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List of fictional swords


The slaying of the Jabberwock with a vorpal sword. This article lists fictional swords. For swords originating in mythology and legend see List of .... Seraph Blades: Swords wielded by shadowhunters...

9 Things You Should Know If You Want to Destroy a Demon


Oct 13, 2015 ... Destroying demons takes skill, determination and nerves of steel. ... Shadowhunters' weapons are designed for the sole intent of killing demons ...

Demon - Supernatural Wiki


Ancient demon-killing knives of the Kurds - Ruby had a ... is the only known weapon capable of killing a Knight of Hell.

What is the best way to kill a demon? | Yahoo Answers


Nov 25, 2009 ... Also if you don't believe in demons then that's fine don't answer if you believe ... I want something like a weapon that I can use rather than some fake spell ... and end up killing their themselves or their loved ones because they ...

Why We Hunt Demons : I Am a Demon Hunter Story & Experience


Why We Hunt Demons : A true, personal story from the experience, I Am a ... The leader of the watchers, Azazel Taught humans how to make weapons from ...

Demon-Killing Knife - Supernatural Wiki - Wikia


The Demon-Killing Knife, or Ruby's Knife, is an ancient knife that was created by the Kurds which possesses the power to permanently kill most demons, ...

Demons - Supernatural Wiki - Wikia - Supernatural Wikia


Demons have no quarrel with killing or torturing their own kind to achieve their goals. Tom, for ... They can only be killed by special weapons or rituals. Unlike ...

Formula: Enchant Weapon - Demonslaying - Item - World of Warcraft


Use: Teaches you how to permanently enchant a melee weapon to have a chance of stunning and doing additional damage against demons. Cannot be applied ...

Unique monster slaying weapons. : DnD - Reddit


Aug 5, 2015 ... Many weapons, such as swords and maces are, quite frankly, designed for fighting ... Unique monster slaying weapons. .... As demons are a common enemy , each of them has had holy demon bane weapons created for them.

I hunt demons for a living, ask me a question - Godlike Productions


onless you call killing said person,demon a exorcism .... or you can be a total brute about it. but it takes some fucking weapons to do that.

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10 Mysterious Swords From Legend And History - Listverse


Nov 16, 2013 ... Swords of renown are the seeds of legend. ... But for every time you die without killing anyone or doing something that gets you points, you get ...

10 Magic Weapons From Mythology And Legend - Listverse


Jan 17, 2015 ... Always in the hand of a legendary warrior, weapons imbued with magic ... his enemy, falling in their first battle but ultimately killing the demon.

Weapon of X-Slaying - TV Tropes


The Weapon of X-Slaying trope as used in popular culture. A weapon which gets extra bonuses against a specific enemy type, without resorting to Depleted …