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Art on Trial: Audience Reaction to Art: Who is Responsible?

The Case: McCollum et. al. v. CBS, Inc., et. al. On the evening of October 26, 1984, nineteen year old John McCollum shot and killed himself while listening to  ...

Violent Media and the First Amendment » Writing Program » Boston ...

On October 26, 1984, nineteen-year-old John McCollum shot himself in the head ... solid bases for overcoming Osbourne's first amendment rights (McCollum v.

Specific enzymic method for the estimation of l-tryptophan

167 from the McCollum-Pratt Institute. ... 387 388 FRANK AND DEMOSS formed is extracted with toluene as the reaction proceeds and is sub- sequently determined by the colorimetric procedure of Wood et al. (5). ... Toluene: reagent grade. p-Dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (Eastman, reagent): 5% in 95% alcohol (w /v).

Coronary CT Angiography in Managing Atherosclerosis

Feb 9, 2015 ... Lesions IV and V can be asymptomatic due to maintenance of the vessel diameter. Glagov et al. first described adaptive changes of arterial size in the course of plaque ..... Jeziorska M., McCollum C., Wooley D.E. Observations on bone ... G.L., Chow D., Demoss D., Nuguri V., Nabavi V., Ratakonda R., et al.

Liu et al. 2008 - Atmospheric Research Group

et al., 1995; Chen et al., 1996), studies of precipitation systems by grouping ..... This may be explained by strong evaporation below clouds over the region ( McCollum et al., ... DeMoss, J. D. , and K. P. Bowman, 2007: Changes in TRMM rainfall due to the ... Kanamitsu, V. Kousky, H. Dool, R. Jenne and M. Fiorino, 2001: The ...


(From the McCollum-Pratt. Institute, ... spora by the method of Kaplan et al. ... kindly supplied by Dr. R. D. DeMoss; barium-6-phosphogluconate,. 6-phos-.

nutritional requirements of chromobacterium violaceum1

McCollum-Pratt Institute, The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. Received for ... and Poe, 1931; Kharasch et al.,1936; Dewey and Poe ... 80 (10 percent solution v/v), 0.6 ml; salts F. (per 100 ml: ... DEMOSS AND HAPPEL. 0.8 w a.

786 F.2d - Volume 786 of the Federal Reporter, 2nd Series :: U.S. ...

David Brewster, et al., Plaintiffs, Appellees, v. Michael .... Cuniberti; James T. Mccollum; W.b. Tichenor;carolina C. Capistrano; Alvin W. Stuart; John v. ..... Richard A. Whittington, Richard Wolfe, and W. Lewis Demoss,jr., Defendants- appellants

Full Text - Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging

Jul 5, 2013 ... This is consistent with the findings of Aikawa et al in animal models, wherein .... Jeziorska M,; McCollum C,; Woolley DE .... Budoff MJ,; Hokanson JE,; Nasir K,; Shaw LJ,; Kinney GL,; Chow D,; Demoss D,; Nuguri V,; Nabavi V, ...

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Walker v. Beard, #12-17460, 2015 U.S. App. Lexis 10255 (9th Cir.). ... his rights under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), 42 U.S.C. 2000cc et seq. ..... being the Swahili word for freedom, and al-Mutawakkil being an Abbasid caliph who once ruled in Samarra. ..... McCollum v. .... DeMoss v.

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JACK McCOLLUM et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. CBS, INC., et al., Defendants and Respondents. OPINION CROSKEY, J. Plaintiffs, Jack McCollum,  ...