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transitive verb. 1 archaic : to speak ill of : malign. 2 : to make bad : corrupt; especially : to corrupt morally. depravation. play \ˌde-prə-ˈvā-shən, ˌdē-ˌprā-\ noun ...

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tr.v. de·praved, de·prav·ing, de·praves. To debase, especially morally; corrupt. See Synonyms at corrupt. [Middle English depraven, to corrupt, from Old French ...

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Make (someone) immoral or wicked: this book would deprave and corrupt young children. More example sentences. The Legislature can hardly have ...

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verbSomething that depraves someone makes them morally bad or evil. [formal] [ V n] ⇒ ...material likely to deprave or corrupt those who see it.

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Deprave is one of the Status Ailment that can be inflicted upon the characters. The symbol used to describe is a dark swirl above the head. The word Deprave is  ...

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Look up deprave at Dictionary.com: late 14c., "corrupt, lead astray, pervert," from Old ... "completely" (see de-) + pravus "crooked." Related: Depraved; depraving.

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deprave (third-person singular simple present depraves, present participle depraving, simple past and past participle depraved). (transitive) To speak ill of; ...

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Definition of depraveverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and ...

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Deprave definition, to make morally bad or evil; vitiate; corrupt. See more.

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Use the verb deprave as a more dramatic synonym for corrupt: Some parents in the 1980s feared that heavy metal music would deprave their innocent children.

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deprave definition, meaning, what is deprave: to make someone depraved. Learn more.