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Lore Alford Rogers (7 February 1875 - 21 March 1975) was an American bacteriologist and ... He earned a B. S. in agriculture in 1896, especially appreciating the one course ... The office was then designated as the Dairy Division of the Bureau of Animal Industry. .... Journal of Dairy Science. ... Jump up ^ Hall, Frank; et al.


Aug 1, 2013 ... Reducing electricity consumption in Irish milk production is a topical issue for 2 reasons. ... J. Upton, , ,; J. Humphreys,; P.W.G. Groot Koerkamp,; P. French,; P. Dillon, ... output and profitability of dairy production systems (Shalloo et al., 2004). ..... Options around calving pattern (autumn vs. spring), milking ...


Aug 31, 2015 ... Keywords: lactose intolerance, milk, dairy products, calcium .... Table 4), or between cheese intake and lactose tolerance (Table 3 vs. ..... Daily recommendation of drinking milk by the United State Department of Agriculture ( USDA) [84]. .... Silverman J., Powell K., Mortensen H., Hirbo J., Osman M., et al.


U.S. Dairy Production, ERR-175, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic ... The authors would like to thank Michael J. Roberts and Wolfram Schlenker for ..... percent of the costs of heat stress to the livestock industry (St-Pierre et al., 2003). ..... Optimal heat stress mitigation is M*, because below this level the additional ...


Sep 30, 2010 ... ROBERT J. BOGGS, in his official capacity as ... David M. Lieberman, OFFICE OF THE OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL, Columbus, ... Int'l Dairy Foods Ass'n et al. v. ... Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) adopted a regulation ...


Administrative Law Judges, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Room 1057 South Building, ... USDA AND UTAH DAIRYMEN'S ASSOCIATION ET AL., v. COUNTRY  ...


Aug 19, 2014 ... Here, we explore the possibility for prehistoric farming in Finland at ..... 5 ml 0.5 M NaOH/MeOH in DCM-extracted double-distilled water (9 : 1 v/v; 70°, 1 h). ... We are grateful to Alison Kuhl and James Williams from the NERC .... In The east European plain on the eve of agriculture (eds Dolukhanov PM, et al.) ...


Jul 17, 2016 ... "Economic Analysis of the Impact of Cloning on Improving Dairy Herd ... Davis, CA: University of California, Department of Agricultural and ... Butler, L.J., et. al. ... Caja, G., F. Haque, J.W. Oltjen, L.J. Butler, J.L. Evans, and V.J. Velez. ... King, A., M.V. Horn, B. Paul, N. Tibbetts, L.J. Butler, and M. Marrush.


milk uses. Recent studies, Filsoof et al. (1973) and Kosi- kowski (1971), on thle characteristics of nondairy imitation ... Department of Food Science, Cornel1 University, Itha- ca. New York .... m s. 2 m. 8 a. 30 c h v m. I. I. 296 J. Agr. Food Chem., Vol. 22, No. 2, 1974 .... Southern Region, U. S. Department of Agriculture and.


Commissioners of the Departments of Agriculture and Economic and .... Connecticut imports at least 40% of its raw milk needs (Lopez, et al., 1994), although many ..... Johnston, Robert J., Tammy Warner Campson, and Joshua M. Duke. ... hedonic pricing vs. contingent valuation,” Growth and Change 28(4), 1997, pp.