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Running and Debugging Java Application Projects


The IDE also adds each of the JAR files to the Class-Path element in the ... Modify the runtime classpath, as needed, to include any special libraries, project ... If you run a project for which you have not specified a main class, the IDE prompts ..... If you want to map the debug action to a target in a separate Ant script, open the ...

Running two separate instances of Safari in the same user session


Jun 5, 2014 ... Each Safari having his own session, history, cookies, and so on. ... Safari does not support multiple profiles, so you will have to keep using multiple user account . If all you want is a separate browsing environment with different ... This will open an new instance of Safari even if one is already running.

PHP: session_start - Manual


session_start — Start new or resume existing session .... If you have 2 scripts using the same session (i.e. from the same user) then the .... tags, when you execute the php script, they get outputed to the browser (even ... "Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent" comes most often ..... echo "no cookies requi...

High Performance Browser Networking - O'Reilly Media


Unfortunately, each of these steps requires new packet roundtrips (Figure 4-2) ... TLS runs over a reliable transport (TCP), which means that we must first ..... for every open TLS connection, a requirement for session ID cache and eviction .... Picking the right record size for your application, if you have the ability to do so, can ...

BasicSecurity - Ubuntu Wiki


Dec 28, 2012 ... Security is a very broad, potentially daunting subject to a new Ubuntu user. ... However if you are running a network server (especially one that is accessed ... disabled by default in your browser, and only enable it when needed; ... Myth: I don't need a firewall because Ubuntu has no open ports by default.

Chapter 6 - Managing Microsoft Certificate Services and SSL - MSDN


The client browser encrypts a session key with the server's public key and sends the ... Install the certificates and then enable SSL on each applicable Web site. .... After you create the certificate folder and install IIS, if necessary, you need to .... Start the Certification Authority snap-in, right-click the root node for the C...

Developing Web Applications with Behat and Mink — Behat 2.5.3 ...


You can use Behat to describe anything that you can describe in business logic. ... First, behavior-driven testing already exists in the web world - it's called ... And this step should be somehow executed through one or another browser .... Now, we need to tell Behat and Mink to run this scenario in a different session (with a ...

Install Fish Shell on Mac OS X and Ubuntu - Hacker Codex


Sep 24, 2015 ... The Fish shell goes where few command-line shells have gone ... shell on Mac OS X and Ubuntu, followed by some basic setup steps. ... That said, if you already use Homebrew (which I recommend) and ... Open a new terminal session, which should now load the Fish shell by ... Last but not least, running:.

UCSC Genome Browser: User Guide


If you have genomic, mRNA, or protein sequence, but don't know the name or the ... A successful BLAT search returns a list of one or more genome locations that match ... You can open the Genome Browser window with a custom annotation track .... Full: the track is displayed with each annotation feature on a separate line.

The death of Firefox | ExtremeTech


Feb 9, 2012 ... The other point of view is that Firefox, whether you like it or not, ... The Big Three all have enough gravitas to ensure that no one browser has the power to ... I actually have all 3 (IE/FF/Crome) on my computer and just use them each for ..... multiple sessions open at the same time (like if you want to separate ...

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Q: Describe each step in opening a separate or additional browser se...
A: double click the icon again...... or start > all programs > find the program and open it or if using ie start>run>iexplore.exe or if using firefox start>run>fir... Read More »
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Q: How do you open a separate or additional browser session if you a...
A: If you want 2 browser windows open using the same browser? Click on File > New > Window. If you want 2 browsers open, just open both. Simple. I only use Netscap... Read More »
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How can I get a new browser session when opening a new tab or ...


Jul 15, 2009 ... When opening new Internet Explorer window, a new browser session ... session though? so you can only have one session in Firefox. .... For example, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can open ... of each window is preserved when Firefox restores the session. ... Already available in canary builds.

Learn Ruby on Rails -- Sessions, Cookies, and Authentication


In this lesson you'll learn about sessions, browser cookies, and how ... What additional steps (on a high level) are needed to actually "remember" a ... each key-value pair is stored as a separate cookie on the user's browser. If ..... Devise can also get fairly complex if you start running into problems or nonstandard...

Selenium 1 (Selenium RC) — Selenium Documentation


The Selenium Server which launches and kills browsers, interprets and runs the Selenese ... And, optionally, if you already have a Selenese test script created in the ... Extract selenium-java-<version-number>.jar file; Open your desired Java IDE ..... to differ from one to another, so you'll find a separate explanation for ea...