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Window decoration


A windows decoration typically consists of a title bar, usually along the top of each ... The border exists primarily to allow the user to resize the window, but also to create a .... By using this ...

Resize Open Windows - QuickBooks Learn & Support


Jun 27, 2014 ... Hi ross_balagula, We can do this, Close all open windows Go to Edit ... Does anyone else have the same issue? .... If you still have trouble, please describe how you want it to look, then I can describe how to get those settings.

How To Resize Photos | Step-By-Step Guide (With Pictures)


In Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can either resize photos one at a time or select ... Step 2: To resize a group of images, select which photos you would like to ...

How To Change The Size Of The Start Menu In Windows 10


Jul 28, 2015 ... When you boot Windows 10 the return of the Start Menu is one of the first things you might ... Resizing as you describe doesn't work for me.

Can't Minimize Lightroom 4 Window? | Adobe Community - Adobe Forums


Do the Quit (red X) and Resize (Green +) still work correctly? .... Does it work when you attempt to minimize all windows (Command+Option+M)? .... easy to remember for reasons I can't describe on a family show, did not fix it.

Sizer Software by Brian Apps - BrianApps.net


When you run Sizer the 'sizing arrows' icon appears in the system tray. ... In addition if you press and hold the Control key while resizing a window, Sizer will ... disabled, it's not possible to access the configuration dialog as describe above.

MATLAB Central - Matlab/Ubuntu - Help window can't resize/move prop...


Jun 10, 2011 ... Matlab/Ubuntu - Help window can't resize/move properly. Subject: ... I'm not aware of any known problem like you describe. You should work ...

Thomas Wolff - Re: Vim, Mintty, and mouse resizing no longer works.


Jul 11, 2015 ... Please describe a reproducible test case. How would you setup split windows in vim? How would you try to resize them? Also, did you use one ...

James Darnley - Re: Vim, Mintty, and mouse resizing no longer works.


Jul 11, 2015 ... Please describe a reproducible test case. How would you setup split > windows in vim? How would you try to resize them? > Also, did you use ...

resize - Lock size of specified windows - Ask Ubuntu


Jan 14, 2015 ... Is it possible to lock the size of a window so that it cannot be resized? I am aware of ... Is that what would work? There are ... Can you describe what you're trying to accomplish and what programs you're talking about? If it's a ...

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How to Resize a Window: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow


How to Resize a Window. You're working on a document in Microsoft Word, but you would like to compare it to another document. You hate having to minimize ...

Working with windows - Windows Help


Learn how to move, resize, switch between windows, and arrange multiple ... Lets you scroll the contents of the window to see information that is currently out of ...

Microsoft Windows Tutorial - Lesson 6: Anatomy of a Window


On the right side of the icon, the name of the window or application you are ... a window had the ability to make sure that the window would never be resized).

My window is too large and wider than my screen. How do I resize it ...


Apr 20, 2006 ... Normally, of course, you can resize a window by using the mouse and .... moved to a smaller display, and I'm having the problem you describe. ..... of commands like 0k, cancel, tell me more etc until I would get to apply. Blindly ...

What is maximize? - Computer Hope


Nearly all open windows in a graphical user interface (GUI) have resizing options . ... button you used to maximize the window or by double-clicking the title bar. ... If this button is missing the program does not support a maximized window.