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Descriptive statistics


Use in statistical analysis[edit]. Descriptive statistics provide simple summaries about the sample and about the observations that have been made.

Descriptive Statistics - Social Research Methods


Descriptive statistics are used to describe the basic features of the data in a study . They provide simple summaries about the sample and the measures.

Understanding Descriptive and Inferential Statistics - Laerd Statistics


This guide explains the properties and differences between descriptive and inferential statistics.

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Descriptive statistics are brief descriptive coefficients that summarize a given data set, which can be either a representation of the entire population or a sample ...

Descriptive Statistics


They are different, but not different enough to matter -- like the maple leaves off the tree in my yard, when all I want to do is rake them up. Roald Hoffmann, 1981  ...

Descriptive Statistics Introduction


Introduction to Descriptive Statistics. Statistics are all around us. In fact it would be difficult to go through a full week without using statistics. Imagine watching a ...

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Descriptive statistics provide a concise summary of data. You can summarize data numerically or graphically. For example, the manager of a fast food restaurant ...

What are descriptive statistics? definition and meaning ...


Definition of descriptive statistics: Mathematical quantities (such as mean, median, standard deviation) that summarize and interpret some of the properties of a ...

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One of the first things we do in statistics is try to understand sets of data. ... This topic focuses on concepts that are often referred to as "descriptive statistics".

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One method of obtaining descriptive statistics is to use the sapply( ) function with a specified summary statistic. # get means for variables in data frame mydata

Descriptive Statistics
A set of brief descriptive coefficients that summarizes a given data set, which can either be a representation of the entire population or a sample. The measures used to describe the data set are measures of central tendency and measures of variabili... More »
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Descriptive Statistics


Descriptive statistics are just descriptive. They do not involve generalizing beyond the data at hand. Generalizing from our data to another set of cases is the  ...

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This module provides basic functions used in descriptive statistics. It has an object oriented design and supports two different types of data storage and ...

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Intro to Descriptive Statistics will teach you the basic concepts of statistics that can be used to extract information from data.