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The desert kangaroo rat (Dipodomys deserti) is a rodent species in the family Heteromyidae that is found in desert areas of southwestern North America. It is one ...

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The kangaroo rat is almost perfectly adapted to life in the desert. They can survive without ever drinking any water, getting needed moisture from their seed diet.

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The Kangaroo Rat would be described by most people as being cute. They have a plump, dumpy little body with large hind legs, large, dorsally placed eyes, and ...

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The kangaroo rat is a very cute little critter that kind of looks like a mini kangaroo, but is as big as a mouse.It has large hind legs and feet. It usually grow to about ...

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Kangaroo Rats are also known as a desert rat. Having no need for water to bathe , they roll around in sand and take a dust bath! Read more at ...

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Despite living in the heat of the desert, kangaroo rats don't sweat. They also have very oily coats. Both of these adaptations prevent them from losing water.

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The Kangaroo Rat tends to live in the desert flatlands, creosote flats, and the sandy soils of the desert washes. The rats will dig burrows into the soil to better ...



Kangaroo Rat Facts - A list of information on this amazing North American desert animal including how it survives harsh desert conditions.

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Learn more about the Desert kangaroo rat - with amazing Desert kangaroo rat videos, photos and facts on ARKive.

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Located. The Kangaroo Rat is found in North America, with a large percentage living in the desert regions of Southwestern United States and parts of Mexico.