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Canine parvovirus


Diagnosis is made through detection of CPV2 in the feces by either an ELISA or a ... Survival rate depends on how quickly CPV is diagnosed, the age of the dog ...

Is Your Dog in Heat? - Estrous Cycles in Dogs | VCA Animal Hospitals


Estrus Cycles, or a dog's breeding cycle and sexual. ... estrus cycle at an earlier age, while the large and giant breeds of dogs may not come into heat ... Male dogs can detect a female in heat from a great distance and may begin marking your ...

How to Determine Your Dog's Age By Its Teeth: 6 Steps


Jul 22, 2015 ... In adult dogs, examining the teeth will give you a very rough estimate of the dog's age. In puppies, the age can be estimated with a bit more ...

Parvo (Parvovirus) in Dogs: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment


The ELISA test kit is used to detect parvovirus in a dog's stools, and is performed in the vet's office in about 15 minutes. Because this test is not 100% sensitive or ...

American Heartworm Society - Heartworm Basics


Puppies under 7 months of age can be started on heartworm prevention without ... Heartworm infection in cats is harder to detect than in dogs, because cats are ...

Pet Points: Detecting hip dysplasia early can be critical for dog ...


Feb 18, 2012 ... Dogs can get OFA-certified after two years of age. Radiographs are sent to the foundation and a certificate is given with a grade from excellent ...

How to Check Your Puppy's Vision - Dogster


At this age, a dog's color vision should be mature as well as his ability to see detail ... Sensitivity to Motion - Dogs can detect an object in motion up to 900 meters ...

Hip Dysplasia - A Mini Tutorial for the Puppy Buyer


Oct 2, 2004 ... Exercise: Puppies, like babies, should receive age-appropriate exercise. ... The science of detecting Hip Dysplasia in dogs is still in its infancy.

Geriatric Dog Care. Detect illnesses early to cure or slow down ...


Knowing the warning signs helps detect illnesses early, many of which can be cured, ... But before we get to that, you need to know at what age your dog is ...

Top 10 Signs Of Cancer In Dogs - Dogtime


Canine cancer can happen at any age but most often it occurs in older dogs, which is ... One of the most common ways dog owners detect cancer is by finding a ...

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