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The cell cycle or cell-division cycle is the series of events that take place in a cell leading to its ... Cell cycle phases[edit]. A diagram of the mitotic phases ...

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The cell cycle is composed of interphase (G₁, S, and G₂ phases), followed by the mitotic phase (mitosis and cytokinesis), and G₀ phase.

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In the context of the cell cycle, mitosis is the part of the division process in which .... Diagram also indicates the centromere region of a chromosome, the narrow ...

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Diagrams of Mitosis - the process of cell division via mitosis occurs in a series ... in the sequence of processes that, together, form the 'cell cycle' for somatic cells.

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Living cells go through a series of stages known as the cell cycle. ... The following diagram sets out the stages, and the main events that occur in each stage.

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Many cancer drugs act by blocking one or more stages of the cell cycle. In order to better ... In the diagram below, the bands of color represent genes. For some ...

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All cells arise from pre-existing cells by division. Every living cell today is said to be descended from a single ancestral cells that lived 3-4 billion years ago. In the  ...

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Science. Cell reproduction: mitosis and meiosis. Page: ... The process of growth and division is called the cell cycle. The cycle ... Diagram of the stages of mitosis.

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During this part of the cell cycle the cell grows and the chromosomes replicate. ... Replication occurs during the synthesis, or S phase ("S" in the diagram).